We’re excited to announce that Tidal Finance has partnered with OpenDeFi. OpenDeFi is a global initiative to develop the decentralized financial ecosystem and advance the collaboration of DeFi projects across borders and blockchains. It is tokenizing real world assets which are 100% insured, backed by an actual physical asset and held by a custodian.

Tidal Finance is making DeFi safer by building the first customizable smart contract cover marketplace for the Polkadot platform.

Through this collaboration, Tidal will be able to offer a higher level of insurance coverage to OpenDeFi’s network of projects. …

Tidal Finance is proud to join forces with UnoRe, the world’s first risk trading reinsurance platform on Polkadot & Web 3.0. UnoRe is the leading decentralized reinsurance protocol powered by Polkadot in the DeFi space.

Where insurance plays an important role to drive DeFi adoption, ensuring that the crypto insurance protocols are secure with a robust framework is of utmost importance. Therefore reinsurance players like UnoRe enable driving increased security by adding a protection layer to the crypto insurance protocol to limit the damage in case of catastrophic events or failure.

Nuances of the Tidal Finance-UnoRe Partnership

Under the purview of this partnership, Tidal Finance will…

Another eventful month has come to an end at Tidal.

April was jam-packed with amazing events, including the Tidal Testnet launch, multiple partnerships with leading DeFi projects, grants, and series for the community.

The team is here to give you what our April looked like at a glance!

Tidal Finance Launches

Tidal Testnet Launch

Tidal Finance Launched its Testnet Program with a $10,000 reward pool for engaging in activities such as selling cover, buying cover, etc. The testnet period is from 19 April to 8 May 2021.

This testnet will offer the team enough data points to test the platform’s robustness.

For more…

Dear Tidal Community,

We are happy to update you with the news that we are 60% deep into the testnet program and have received a lot of feedback from active testers. Questions and discussions on our discord channel not only to help us make improvements on the product, but also to foster the grassroots user community to support the platform’s growth. We will release more technical contents based on the feedback we receive in order to help the community understand the framework and design of the platform. …

Tidal Finance is delighted to join hands with APYSwap, a protocol for decentralized cross-chain exchange of shares of Tokenized Vaults. APYSwap implements a delegation function for user assets and provides a marketplace for trading financial assets.

Tidal Finance is a high-yield insurance platform that allows users to buy and sell insurance for their assets and smart contracts across multiple chains.

Through this partnership, Tidal Finance will provide decentralized asset insurance to APYSwap’s tokenized vaults and the assets locked in them.

Mutual Cover Pools and Tokenized Vaults

APYSwap allows users on multiple blockchains (initially Ethereum, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain) to create and control their native blockchain…

Rewards for first Tidal Liquidity mining program will be distributed on May 1

Dear Tidal Supporters, we’re delighted to announce that the Tidal ecosystem liquidity mining program is currently live on Uniswap and will continue with the same rewards structure as we enter the new month of May!

Tidal launched the liquidity mining program in April to reward TIDAL/USDC liquidity providers on Uniswap V2. We had set aside 1,855,287 TIDAL per reward period for participants. We’d like to inform all LPs that we will be distributing the rewards on May 1st.

Additionally, we would like to remind everyone that each…


With the release of Tidal approaching, the Tidal team has received many warm messages of support, as well as questions, from our early adopters. The community is eagerly awaiting release of our protocol on testnet.

To build a strong decentralized community, we believe a deeper insight into the platform should be developed. We have created a series of technical articles that is designed to help our community learn more about the inner workings of Tidal. Each article will focus on an important component of the platform, with examples, to educate our users, promote discussion and evolve from feedback.

Without further…

Tidal Finance is delighted to announce to our ever-supportive community that we have received a significant grant from Polygon through their developer support program. Polygon (previously Matic Network) is an interoperability and scaling framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Polygon seeks to stimulate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by resolving the problems of scalability on many blockchains.

The Tidal team had chosen to launch its v1 insurance solutions on the Polygon network due to its 100% EVM compatibility; high speed, low cost transactions and the overall composability of the network. …

Dear Tidal Community,

We are excited to start the testnet program in a few hours. Since the testnet program announcement, we have received over 3,000 responses in less than 3 days. Thank you all for such great support. We are looking forward to making our product more robust and easy to use from this exercise, as well as building a strong user-based community for tidal’s future growth. Below are a few updates since last week.

  • We decided to increase the participants from 100 to 500 people. The reason for limiting it to a relatively small amount is to ensure the…

Tidal Finance

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