Introducing the Tidal Titans Ambassador Program: Simplifying DeFi Insurance

Why become a Tidal Titan?

As a member of the Tidal Titans, you’ll be involved with the Tidal team and work together in building our decentralized insurance platform for crypto assets and DeFi environment. You’ll have direct communication channels with our executive and marketing team members. Be involved in behind-the-scenes of Tidal’s development, and we’ll always pay heed to active discussions regarding your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for global expansion initiatives

Earn $TIL tokens

All dedicated Tidal Titans will be handsomely rewarded with $TIL tokens for their exemplary services, in addition to exclusive merchandise like t-shirts and goodies.

Limited opportunities

Initially, we will only be recruiting twenty of the most promising candidates to be part of the ambassador program. As first movers into the program, these individuals will have better chances of climbing up the Titan ladder. The higher you stand, the better your rewards!

Be a Tidal Titan Today

Don’t wait any longer. Be among the first to be our ambassador and become a Tidal Titan today!

Who are we looking for?

Our program is open to anyone and everyone. We are a completely decentralized project and our goals could not be achieved without a faithful community. Thus, we’re actively in need of people across different fields and specialized skills. This would involve community management, marketing, social media, network growth, content creation, business development, etc.


Tidal Finance wants to revolutionize DeFi insurance and protect platform assets. The goal of the Tidal Titans program is to increase adoption of the platform and bring in both current DeFi users and a new wave of crypto enthusiasts into Tidal through networking and marketing. Our chosen Titans will be responsible for:

  • Educating the public about Tidal Finance via content and social media
  • Growing our network of influencers, exchange partners and project partners
  • Increasing social media and mainstream media presence
  • Testing new features of the Tidal platform
  • Developing bots for moderating, analysis, and data
  • Translating documents, articles, and social media posts
  • Establishing and growing regional Tidal communities
  • Mentoring other Tidal Titan members to share skills

About Tidal Finance

TIDAL is a decentralized discretionary mutual cover protocol that offers the DeFi community the ability to hedge against failure of any DeFi protocol or asset.

TIDAL Public Channels

✳️ Official Website:

Tidal, Open Marketplace for Programmable Insurance building on Polkadot ecosystem

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